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Get The Most “LIKES” and Win $500 on SelfieShare.com: A Social Media that pays you to share your Photo’s And Videos and get “LIKES”. We won’t judge you for having lots of Ink, piercings, being straight, gay, lesbian, fat, skinny, short, tall, black, white, or purple. There’s NO Pornography, Sexually Explicit Photos or Sexually Explicit Videos allowed.

Exciting Paid Apps: We have lots of Extra Fun Add-Ons like, Flirt, Drinks, Meet Me, Flowers, Chat, Gifts, Interested, and Talent Manager for your enjoyment.

Memberships: Upgrade your basic membership that includes 5,000 Friend/Follower space to our “Silver Membership” that Include UNLIMITED Friend Space and Unlimited Paid Apps for only $4.99 per month.

Upgrade your “Silver” membership that includes UNLIMITED Friend Space, Unlimited Paid Apps, and our Talent Manager for only $7.99 per month.

Contest: Enter Photo and/or Video Contest for both Men and Women to Win Money! Each month you can enter our contest, make comments and have your friends “LIKE” your post. Share your Photos and Videos to other social networks with the click of a button, get the most “LIKES” on Selfieshare.com and YOU Win! There is one $500.00 winner from the men’s, women’s and video contest each month (To be eligible for prize money, each contestant must have a minimum of one hundred “LIKES” from separate IP addresses with real profiles)! Enter as much as you want and in as many category’s as you like. Prize Money will be sent to you via Paypal to you within one week of you winning to the current E-mail connected to your SelfieShare.com account only. Note, we will ONLY E-mail the winnings to the E-mail attached to your SelfieShare.com account to prevent fraud (No Exceptions).

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